This year just went by in a haze. We all were just celebrating the new years and the next thing we know we have less than 4 months to go to celebrate the next one. Same have been for villa interior design in Dubai where the trends kept changing and the things kept getting bigger and better. So let’s see which were the top interior design trends that 2019 brought for us and we absolutely loved. 

  • Indoor plants

Indoor plants have been around since quite a while and their species just keep changing. Starting from kitchen herbs all the way to money plant, 2019 brought us the beautiful big leafy fiddle fig plant also often known as the banana plant. It has huge patterned leaves which give this very sleek and natural look to the indoor living rooms and kitchens. They are easy to carry and can fit into any kind of setting by simply switching the plant pots.

  • Purple is the new pink

Pink got its all glory in the last few years and we decide that 2019 was a year when things change. So switching from a pastel pink to grey-lilac or a comfortable light shade of purple, instead of the ultra violet and neon, took over our insta feeds this whole year. We could see from curtains to wall paint and even beddings were of that colour which made us finally decide that pink has officially retired and it’s the purple that’s taking over.

  • Technology made things easier and smarter

All the videos that we saw on facebook which made a huge table turn into a small one, a cupboard turning out to be a hidden desk space, kitchen with secret hidden cabinets and everything else actually got equipped in bespoke home design and that is how we celebrated the new era of technology. Houses have no longer just been a minimalistic modern design in fact they change the whole meaning of modern by inserting such technology which is not only helpful but it also hides itself when not in use.

These were the top trends that we saw in 2019 that changed the whole game. Some were helpful while others brought the beauty to the space. And now we are eager to see what 2020 brings for us.