Technology is not a physical thing or a one too g which you can see and used. Although you can see it and use it, it is different. You cannot see a technology itself because it is not anything g. It is update or computer version of anything or machine. This computed version is called technology. To add technology also means to add computation in any device. 

However, you cannot feel technology itself, it is very beneficial. We are living in the world of 21st century where everything has to be fast and the fastest because the fast one can survive but fastest one can be successful. Today there is the value of nano-second too. It is late to pass or convey information after one second. 

In such time and era, technology plays an important role. In such time, it is serving people as a tool that can make a person to speed up their progress while being relaxed. Take an example of Alexa, speech application, and Echo dot- a device that can reply automatically of your questions because of application. By using this device and application, a person can switch off its all Bluetooth related lights and appliances without standing up itself. 

Similarly, technology is present in front of us in the form of smart phones and these phones are benefiting all of us a lot. It is hub of applications and software. From bus to food, you can get anything from there which you want a t a desired time. Yet, at many times, you might need to compromise but in return this compromise will give you fruits too. Furthermore, there are application which provide law services and AMC services, Dubai has its offices, so that people can avail them for cheap. That’s the reason why the price of lawyers and law has been cut down. 

Besides applications and Echo dot, technology has gift us quantum computers that can give answer correct within minimum time. Moreover, it takes small space because of having cloud technology. These computers are used in universities for researches and in IT support services in Dubai to benefit the clients and customers. So, these are few advantages of technology. Technology had made the world speedy and fast. Besides, it has reduce the size of devices and make them to do things in Las time. The world is now based on its generated speed. Hope we will survive and live successfully.