House cleaning is one thing that we all loathe. We will procrastinate as long as possible and think of other ‘more useful’ tasks than cleaning. It’s something that we don’t look up to and try to extend it until we realize that even animals like to live in a cleaner environment than this. Don’t worry, you are not alone. Not everyone have a ‘cleaning Sunday’ on their weekend’s top most things to get done. That’s why we are here with cheap and easy cleaning tips that can help you in getting things done easily and quickly without spending a sum of hefty money. These tips will also get the job done fast so that you can spend the remaining Sunday of yours having ice cream.

You love animals and you probably own a dog or a cat or who knows both, but one thing you hate is the hair that they shed. You don’t own a pet hair cleaning fancy gadget or device but guess what? You do own a rubber glove that you purchased from a trusted cleaning equipment supplier in Dubai. All you have to do is get that rubber glove out, damp it and drag over the pieces of furniture, shirt, pant, and couch – in short everything that you see filled with hair needs to be cleaned.

What gets you out of bed every morning? What is that one thing without it you can’t have the energy to face your angry boss or stubborn children or do any work in general? Coffee! Did you know that aside from waking you up in the mornings or keep you energetic late at night, it can also be a very effective cleaning scrub? You can use coffee filter for cleaning glass and mirror and it will make those surfaces spotless.

Vacuuming house feels like drilling. Especially with its loud and disturbing sound that no one in the house can escape. We are sorry we don’t have a tip to minimize the sound but we do know where all your bobby pins and left over change from the pizza that you ordered last night is going. Vacuum is eating that all up without getting noticed one bit. That’s why we suggest you to not throw your old tights instead make them useful and save yourself buying a new bobby pin every time and losing your coins. Use one leg of tights to cover the nozzle of your vacuum cleaner and it will efficiently catch any small thing that vacuum is trying to eat.

Every grocery shopping trip ends up in buying another pack of kitchen cleaning sponges when you had just bought one a few weeks ago. Don’t worry we all are struggling. But here is one thing you can do to make more use of your sponges and that is by killing bacteria. No you don’t have to physically fight them off, just pop your sponges into your microwave for a couple of minutes and set the heating. This will get the work done. For more extensive use, you should also invest in a ride on road sweeper.