When we talk about kid’s education then it will start from the first day of their life. They learn from their surroundings and as well as the people around them. They do what they see others doing. If you want them to be better human beings then you have to change yourself first and then you can teach them the good things. You cannot lie in front of them and then ask them to speak the truth. They will act upon your advice but they will mimic you in their actions. Apart from that when it comes to the formal education, you can start from the British curriculum nursery in Dubai. They will take different children of different age groups in their different classes. These age groups are as follows:

Infants: They have this group of children which starts from the age of six months. This class is more than a day care center. Here children will get the opportunity to learn in a playful manner. There is 1 supervisor for three infants who will monitor the likes and dislikes of the infants and then make different plans to engage them in healthy activities. They will be monitored and send up when they are ready to go to the upper level that is the toddler level.

Toddlers: In this class children come from the infants’ class and also other children will be accepted if they started walking. In this class there is a supervisor for a group of four children who is responsible to monitor each child separately and then make plans of early education for them. Each child is unique and so their learning needs and abilities are also different. They will get the opportunity to do different kind of activities and they are free to play different games which will make them confident human beings.Pre- base: When the children reach to the age of 2 years they will be then promotes to the class called pre-base where they will have one teacher for six students who will encourage them for different team activities as well as individual skill development. Arabian ranches nursery also have this stage of pre-school children. In this stage children need special attention so there are small groups of child