Elevators might be a regular part of your life that you may or may not think twice before getting on but those who don’t get to interact with them much are often wondering if lifts are a safe option to skip a flight of stairs and reach the destination because every now and then we do hear stories about elevators crashing but what’s the real deal?

The answer is pretty simple that yes elevators might be safer than you think. Don’t believe us? Check these unheard truths coming from delmon.ae:

  • Steel cables

The elevator box is held up by not one or two in fact six to eight steel cables that hold the lift in its place. These steel cables might be capable of something more than you think and when you combine all these forces there is a very minimal chance of lifts falling off its place. There are a few cases when the lifts crashed but lift companies in Dubai have learned from these cases and that is why there are a few safety precautions that the riders are requested to follow to ensure their safety.

  • Brakes

If you have by any chance ever got stuck in an elevator when the power was cut off you might notice that the elevator stops in its tracks rather than falling all the way down. This is because the lifts have a break system that prevents the elevator from falling and that is the same thing that happens when steel cables break off. The lift might still fall all the way down but not with the same force instead making it slower and steady to ensure no harm to the ones that stand inside.

  • Counter weight

As suggested by its name, counter weights are the loads attached to the sides of the lift so even if everything in an elevator fails to ensure your safety, the counter weight will still be there. So if you get stuck in a lift alone, you don’t have to worry as the counter weights will fall down and the elevator will be pulled upwards. No, you won’t crash in the ceiling because there is a buffer present there acting as a cushion.