Among many people who are seeking cures and relieve of backpain, neck pain or shoulder pain some people also complain hip bone pain too. Most of these people have tried all kind of medicines and now they are preferring chiropractic therapy. This therapy is getting famous among United States and United Arabian Emirates. Around 23 million people in U.S. go to chiropractors and in UAE 14 million people go for chiropractic adjustment in Dubai at some of the best chiropractics in Dubai. From this number of people most has the various backpain or any other related pain due to old fractures, accidents, injuries or muscle strains or spasms.

Yes, there many benefits of this therapy but since everything comes with a price, it has some risks as well. The spinal adjustment or manipulation or chiropractic care is cindered very safe which is also very effective specially for acute lower back pain which is caused by lifting heavy things or mostly reported as lifting heavy furniture. Acute lower back pain is most regularly reported than the chronic back pain. But this type of pain mostly gets well by its own within six weeks.

Recent research has also confirmed that chiropractic therapy is very helpful in curing and treating heachache and neck pain. When neck pain is treated automatically the headache also gets cured. Also, fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis respond to the pressure which is used by most practitioners and chiropractors which is done by massaging of tissues deeply.

After all these benefits some studies have still not verified the prolong effectiveness of this therapy. Although, millions of people prefer this therapy but most people complain the same pain after the span of 6 or 8 months. Also, most orthopedic doctors and surgeons say that the prolotherapy of this takes 3 months’ time and a lot of money and still it is not effective.

This therapy includes anesthesia for making the ligaments strong and some people who have a lot problems have to take injections which have water sugar to relax the nerves and ligaments. So, it is evident that when the anesthesia and sugar water effect goes away also the pain comes back, this is the reason that it is not long lasting but it is a temporary relief but at the same time there are people who never complain after the therapy.