There are a lot of holiday camps Dubai are operating but all of them are not good for your kid because they are for different age groups. You have to find a camp for your kids that are for their age group because if you put them in a wrong age group then it will ruin their personality. If your kid is small and you put it in a camp with bigger children then he will learn nothing and the kids there will ridicule him for not getting the point. Same is with the bigger kids in a camp of smaller kids. To keep them learning and enjoying you have to search age appropriate camp for them and following are three types of camps for small kids who are not going to school. These camps will help them in getting the habit of sitting in a class and behaving good with others:

Infants: This age group starts from the age of 6 months till 1 year when they are in their crawling stage. This is more suitable for parents who are both working outside the home and they do not get time to make their infants learn new things. They can send their kids to these camps where they will earn new things and they will make new friends even at that tender age.

Toddlers: These camps are for the toddlers above the age of 1 year who just started walking without any assistance. They will learn to grab everything and try to walk all the time and to run. In this stage they will learn a lot of things and these camps will help them in this learning period. They will teach them small things like shapes and colors while playing. There are no proper books or syllabus for them. These camps are just like another home where they can play and learn together.

Terrible two: This camp is for kids above the age of 2 years when kids have a lot of energy in them but they are unable to utilize it in a proper manner. If they do not utilize it in constructive things then they will be cranky and stubborn all the time and parents will be feeling helpless to handle them without proper assistance. Visit for more details.