Sometimes it can become too boring to walk into a bathroom which is just basically a white box made of plain and same type of tiles. What does one do to enhance its look and make it stand out? Well, you can try mixing and matching different tile styles together with the following tips and enhance the look or continue with the boring style.

  • Try to incorporate small prints and patterns of mosaic with large plain tiles that balances out the look. The basic idea is to drive focus and attention to one specific accent wall and then making it standout by leaving the spotlight on it and making the background look insignificant yet still there.
  • Don’t shy away from playing with two or more designs and patterns of grespania ceramic tiles in the same space. All you need is enough knowledge and smartness to incorporate all the patterns and styles to make it look put together. Bring big squares on one side and small print of the other while the huge plain tiles bind it all together.
  • We often forget there are matte finish tiles also available which means that bathrooms don’t always need to have a glossy look to them. You can add matte finish tiles along with the stone style that stands up for an earthy look. There are a hundred different possibilities and potential out there.
  • If you can mix and match size of tiles then who says you can’t mix and match pattern designs? Bring all the same sized different patterns together to help create a fuller look to your bathroom. Yes, it may look busy and a lot is happening in the same space but at the same time it gives eyes a treat to look at.
  • Don’t be afraid to play around with shades but make sure that these shades are similar or from the same family. You can even use neutral tones with grey outlines but don’t exceed to turning it into black. Ragno tiles are one of the right people that can help you find the perfect blend of colours, just reach out to them and see the magic.

If you hire a professional, they will help you in looking out perfectly for the best design that will suit the interiors and achievement of the look that you aim for.