Laborers are playing an important role in the development of this world. Whether it was 20th century or 21st century, in every era there is the need of them. After all, buildings are required in every era, cleanliness is the demand in every decade and time. And that what a laborer do. But, unfortunately, these laborers who are running the world actually, are not paid that much. They are un-paid professionals who are even living very terrible life. They do not have proper food to eat and companies, even, do not provide them enough material to protect them from falling and injury that can occur during work. 

However, being constructor and architect or a person who invest money in construction, should have ethics. He or she should assist them and build relationship with them. This relationship will benefit you the most. There are many ways for it but the best way is to facilitate them with the following things and necessities:

  1. Safety Harness belts: At many laborers have to climb or go up to build floors or work on second or third floors. In such cases, at a time, one of them might fall down and damage himself. Thus, to save them from injury and wounds, it is better to provide them tight harness belts. These belts are made of protective material which is worn around the body. The hook is hanged to it so that the remaining one can be attached to above place so that there would be minimum chances of falling. You can contact any of the safety harness suppliers to get in bulk for cheap.
  2. Tarpulin: At many times, they are working in rain and terrible weathers. In such weather, it is better to give them leave but if you cannot afford to give them that, then at least provide them tarpaulin.
    Tarpaulin is the plastic made sheet which they can worn around to feel warm and secure. You can even ask any tailor to sew buttons and give shape of sleeves so that it will appear as coat and they can use it easily. You can get for cheap in bulk from any of tarpaulin suppliers in Dubai!

So, these are few things which a constructor should provide them to ensure their security. We all are humans. We all are connected. Feel that connection and take care of each other otherwise it would be difficult to live and survive!