Teeth are an essential part of your body. They are not like the appendix and vestigial organs which do have any significant role in the body. They play an important role. They are key player to carry out digestion to help stomach. They are supported by saliva and different secretions which humans cannot afford to lose. 

A mouth has two sets of teeth. Each set consists of 16 teeth which make 32 teeth. Your teeth have jaws and gums as well which keep them firm. Both of them are strong but sensitive as well. 

The world is full of ways and sources. You would not find few sources to keep your teeth healthy. There are immense sources f it too. There are many ways to keep them healthy and strong. However, not all of them are applicable.

Some of them includes natural ways like food which can reduce or minimize your visits of dental clinic in al barsha or minimize the chances to go for the cheapest braces in Dubai.

Do you want to know them? If yes, then look down!

Milk: Your body and teeth is always in need of a glass of milk because it is calcium and potassium of milk that keep your bones and teeth healthy and strong. Besides this, this white liquor keep your keep jaws and enamel firm. They protect them from damage and cuts. They reduce bad bacteria’s presence in your mouth and make it smell better.

Green leafy vegetables: Like their colour, these vegetables are freshening. They are rich source of vitamins and minerals, besides antioxidants. Minerals play an important role in reducing plaque and gum damage. It is god to have them at least once a day to keep your mouth fresh and pleasant-smelling. Having them at least once a day will keep smell pleasing. 

Fruits: Fruits consist of a lot of antioxidants and vitamins. They are rich source of various minerals and water that have ability to sweep away plaque and minimize the presence of bad bacteria in mouth. They protect mouth from damage to gums and enamel. Yu can include apples and other crunchy fruits in your diet as they are rich source of vitamin A and C. So have them twice a day to keep your teeth strong teeth even in old age.

Yoghurt: Milk and yoghurt are similar. Both have several minerals and calcium. Yoghurt have several probiotics as well. Probiotics are components that keep your mouth filled with good bacteria. They reduce or minimize the presence of bad bacteria. It is the plus point of good bacteria that they reduce plaque and protect your teeth, gums and enamel. Therefore, it is better to try to have at least a bowl or few spoons of plain yoghurt daily or regularly to have cavity-less teeth. 

Raisins and dry fruits: They are sweet but they are sugar-less and sucrose-less. Thats why their presence in your diet give you lots of benefits. After all, they  have good fat, proteins and calcium that result in  better and stronger teeth.

Tea: Try to rinse your mouth with black or green tea because they have polyphenols- a chemical which minimize the growth of bacteria that cause damage to the gums and cavity. It is the research and conclusions of different research papers that it is more effective than rinsing your mouth with water.