There are many people who will get this disease named as diabetes. In this disease the body of the patient will stop making insulin in the body altogether or it may start having problems in maintaining the exact amount of insulin which is needed by the body and it will results in this disease. People, who get this disease in any phase of life whether it is for a smaller period of time, will get the disease back in their later life. For example if a lady was diagnosed with pregnancy diabetes then it is evident that this condition will leave after the birth of the baby and the body starts making enough insulin. But in the later age she will get this disease as a permanent disease. 

There are many foods from which you can control your insulin level in your blood. To know about these foods you have to get the diabetes diet plan in Dubai from a recognized doctor. He will tell you about your current condition after taking examination and then he will suggest you the food you can take and which you have to avoid. He will also tell you the quantity of vegan diet plan which you can take to spend a healthy lifestyle. Following are some food which you have to take for maintaining sugar level in your blood:

You have to add different vegetables in your diet. You can either take them in the raw form like in your salads you can take cabbage and cucumber and also you can take them in cooked form. Bitter gourd is very effective in maintaining the blood sugar. It can be taken as the cooked food or you can take out its juice and drink that but the former is very difficult to do. 

Green vegetables are very helpful in this regard. They will help you not only in diabetes but they will also help in keeping you hydrated as all the green vegetable have lots of water in them. They will make you fresh and healthy at the same time. You can take them raw or cooked; you can also take them as roasted in oven. Roasted vegetables are more beneficial as they will get only a small amount of oil to cook.