New mothers often get a lot of troubles in handling and taking care of their baby and they will get frustrated in doing it. It will affect their mental health a lot if they do not get assistance from any other person. To avoid all these troubles they can get home nurse Dubai for few first days or for few starting weeks because these days are the most critical ones. New mother is healing from the child birth and with that she needs to take care of a tiny human being who needs constant attention. If she gets professional assistance then it will be easier for her and also for her baby and significant other. If you need to get some useful tips about breastfeeding in Dubai then you need to see this: 

Comfortable position: You need to be in the most comfortable position while you start breastfeeding to your kid. If you are uncomfortable and your baby has latched then it will be difficult for you to change your position and doing that will make your kid uncomfortable too and she might stop getting feed and start crying. You can lie on your side or you can half lay on your bed and get baby in your lap on the baby pillow, in this way you do not need to hold her and she can feed easily. You can also sit on a comfortable recliner with a pillow in your lap. You should also use pillow at your back or beneath your legs in order to get comfortable.

Get relaxed: When a mother breastfeed he bay then she is not only feeding her belly but also she is feeding emotions to her. If the mother is angry then the baby will get the bad vibes and does not feel good and comfortable and it may also make her colic. In the same way if mother is feeling happy and relaxed at the time of breastfeeding then the baby will take the feed in the required amount, get her belly full and then she will play happily. You need to make yourself relax before holding baby and for this you should take a glass of water or you can make an energetic smoothie to enjoy while your kid enjoys her feed. It will make your mind and keep you feeling relaxed during time.