Most of the people of the world wants to travel the countries of world in order to explore places, things, foods, cultures etc. You can easily imagine the demand of this by this that some countries income is depending on the tourism because a large amount of the revenue obtain from tourism industry. So, countries focuses on this industry for the betterment of the country’s income. Many people wants to visit the old civilization places they so many and in many countries. People know the Egypt who has some extraordinary historical places. People from around the world come to see these places. Scientists also go there and try to resolve the mysteries of those places. There were few movies also made which showed these places also. A famous movie The Mummy was the film which showed these places also.

Some countries offer special visa for the people like Portugal golden visa program. Some people not only want to visit but also want to live in some countries. They want immigration of other country. These days, Australia immigration from Abu Dhabi is getting trend. Because people feel that they find some extra benefits if they get immigration. A much preferred country for shopping is UAE where people of the world come and do shopping. There are so many outstanding markets which has international level. The other main attraction for tourists is hotel industry. In UAE you may find world’s best hotel e.g. Burge Khalifa, it is the tallest in all over the world. The other famous hotel is Burge Al Arab. There are some others but these two the top one. Where people come to see these hotels and pay amount in only to visit these hotels. The economy is depends upon the tourism sector. People also go there for having fun. UAE has too much entertainment material like desert safari. There are so many things are also there.

There are so many companies are there who provide tourism services. These companies have different packages for tourists. They plan for different countries visit as a world tour. They have expertise and enough experience for handling the tourists. If someone is planning to visit some places then he or she should contact the professional tourism service provider. They arrange a tour for you as per your preferences also. They have knowledge of places. You may not get if you go by your own.