Fiberglass is material which is made of fiber glass. It is also known as plastic-reinforced glass because of its structure. You can go in any fiberglass company in Dubai to get it for cheap! Many things can be made from it by flattening or wooing it. It has been using in many industries and task. Some of them are:

  1. Electronic items: Fibreglass grating is used in electronic to keep them from corrosion. Other materials could not provide enough protection as compared to fibreglass. You will find them being used at mall kiosk manufacturers Dubai.
  2. Defense and Aerospace: Fibreglass is used to make parts of equipment of defense and aerospace. Testing equipment and enclosures are made from this material. 
  3. Automobile industry: The material is used to make cars. It is used in every vehicle to make its body kits, especially.
  4. Paper industry: Because of its being resistant to corrosion, the material is used in paper industry to make pulp. Fibreglass is also resistant to slipping due to which it assist in making erect papers. 
  5. Planting: Fibreglass keep the land from slipping. That’s why fibreglass grating is used to plant plants. 
  6. Power-generation industry: The material do not conduct heat and electricity. That’s why it is used in tank farms and scrubbers. 
  7. Beverages: This fibre like material is used to bottle lines. They are used a lot in brew houses and brew industries. 
  8. Car washing: Fiberglass resist rusting. It makes the colour of a car brighter. That’s why it is used to wash cars. It makes the car cleaner and brighter. 
  9. Wet surfaces: Their grit surface has anti-slippery feature due to which they are used in such industry and machines whose surfaces are mostly wet or oil to keep them from corrosion. 
  10. Fountains: They are used in aquarium and fountains to filter the water from rocks and protect people from drowning. The fiberglass keep headers and lighter from damage. 
  11. Food: The material is used to process beef and chicken because of its anti-slippery nature to hold the blood up. The other materials are not as beneficial as fibreglass for grating in food processing. 
  12. Docks: Docks and marines are grated with fibreglass to protect them salty water because the water can corrode them. 
  13.  Cooling tower: Fibreglass is used in cooling towers because they resist rust and corrosion. Moreover, they help to screen to save people and animals from danger zones.  

So, these are few uses of fibreglass. Fiberglass is reinforced plastic which is made of glass. It can be flattened into sheets or woven to make fabrics. There are many uses of this wool like thing because of its brittle nature.